Course Descriptions

Foundation and elective courses taught by Helen Donis-Keller are described in this part of the web site. Dr. Donis-Keller frequently serves as mentor to students in the “capstone” AHS course whose projects are concerned with visual art. The foundation courses are required for each Olin student and they are normally taken during the first or second year of the four-year program of study. For SCI 1210 there are several instructors who teach different sections of the course and, while there are important commonalities between the sections, each instructor brings a particular background and interest in biology to the course. The section taught by Dr. Donis-Keller includes an emphasis on human genetics and ethical considerations of biological research. The foundation AHS 1130 courses are writing intensive and apply contextual and critical thinking to a variety of AHS disciplines. The AHSE 1130 course taught by Dr. Donis-Keller has a strong emphasis on visual and aural communication using digital media.

Syllabi, example assignments, rubrics and additional information for each of the courses is available upon request.