Neurology Paintings

The Neurology Project was inspired by a visit to Brussels in Luxembourg. I happened upon an exterior renovation project where workmen had pulled down a huge wall of vines and they lay piled in a heap in a parking lot. Fascinated by the rich texture and interconnectedness that, to me, resembled networks of neurons, I photographed the vines from many angles. Once home I developed and printed the images as reference material and then I began to experiment with dilute acrylic on paper and on canvas. In order to form narrow processes characteristic of neurons, I used a hair dryer to blow the acrylic across the canvas, which also provided a measure of spontaneity. The vines and my graphic neuronal interpretations are metaphors for the challenges we face with understanding the workings of the brain and the mind. We can categorize the structures and measure activities, but for the most part, at least for now, meaning often eludes us.