AHSE2199/SCI1299 The Intersection of Biology, Art and Technology

This project-based course will cross boundaries between art, biology and technology with hands-on projects inspired by work in these fields. The Olin Biology Foundation requirement is satisfied by this course and it is also an AHS elective. How do technological breakthroughs inform new possibilities in biology and art? How might biology inform art practice and how might art inform biological concepts? What are the implications of being able to change the genome of an organism? Students will conduct lab work that includes a CRISPR genome editing experiment and also visualization technologies such as the scanning electron microscope (SEM). Studio projects will employ technologies and use engineering tools that are old and new such as modeling software, 3D printing, video, photography, audio, and traditional mark-making, such as drawing, depending on student preference and project needs. Final student-directed projects will be informed by foundational coursework activities. Advances in biology and its essential link with technology have led to rapid changes in applications to health care, understanding how organisms work and the impact of human activity on the environment. We will draw upon a large variety of media and resources and listen first-hand to practitioners in these areas about the advances in fields that most would regard as unrelated. The goal by the end of the course is to acquire an attitude that allows fluid movement from one field to the other in thinking and doing so as to garner creative strength not possible from study of each field alone.

Credits: 4 AHS and 4 SCI

Hours: 2X per week ~ 4 hrs per class/studio plus weekly laboratory

Usually Offered: Spring