AHSE 3130 Advanced Digital Photography

In this project-based course, students are encouraged to develop a photographic point of view matched with consistently well-crafted imagery informed by the work of leading contemporary photographers. The class is essentially about visual communication and the overall objective is to improve one’s ability to translate a personal vision into a form that can be understood by others. For the most part it is assumed that students in this course have taken the introductory course “The Digital Eye” or have equivalent experience with photographic media. While introductory courses are mainly concerned with individual images, this course is designed for consideration of images in terms of multiples that relate to each other. Key to our process is critical thinking and developing an ability to provide objective helpful criticism to colleagues and to receive and benefit from comments of one’s peers. For this reason, participation in classroom critique sessions is considered a significant learning activity.

While communication with visual images is paramount, technical issues will be addressed in some depth. For example, there will be instruction and practice with image capture and editing as needed e.g. drone photography, astro-photography, using filters in the field, color management methods and printing, Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop tools and techniques, graphic design and book production methods. Initial projects will stimulate creative thinking and group critiques will help monitor progress and inspire new directions. Regular homework assignments facilitate creativity and encourage exploration in support of the major project, a photo-based book project on a topic of each student’s choice. A critical awareness of the medium of fine art photography will be fostered through selected readings, discussions, viewing documentaries and visits to galleries and museums.

Credits: 4 AHS

Usually Offered: Fall or Spring