AHSE 2130 The Intersection of Art and Science

Science and Art are often considered entirely different worlds inhabited by practitioners who have nothing in common. In this course, we will debunk this myth by closely examining the discovery process in both disciplines and by comparing the culture of science to that of art, historically and in the present. We will consider the influence of scientific discoveries, from optics to “new media” on the production of art and discuss the corollary question “Has art influenced the progress of science?” We will also consider ways in which science allows us to understand artists and the work they create. In contemporary society, artists have begun to comment on science, sometimes with disastrous results, which leads us to ask, “What is needed in order to establish a meaningful dialogue between scientists and artists, and does it matter?”

Credits: 4 AHS

Hours: 2 x week, ~2 hrs per class meeting

Usually Offered: Spring

Syllabi, example assignments, rubrics and additional information for each of the courses is available upon request.